a Poem

Photo by Arwan Sutanto on Unsplash

She never drove a car.
She would walk and walk
the distance no matter how far.

Her wrists were dented from|
bags she carried for miles,
but she never lamented,
nor did she cry.

I remember this well,
the buzzing inner city street,
as my brother and I
straggled along with
our little feet.

Brother would beg to be carried
too. As his little legs would tire,
mama knew what she had to

She gently lifted and placed
him in one arm with great care,
while her other arm and
groceries looked like they
would tear.


This is a true story.

Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash

I died on 9th Street and St. Clair.
Please let me tell you how I got there.

Raised in poverty of an immigrant pair,
I was one of ten children with not much to share.

By day Papa worked hard but by night drank like a fish.
Mama was a big woman who could whip anything into a
great dish.

All nine brother and sisters were as cold as could be.
Growing up with them they never cared about me.

Average looks or a little less, I certainly was not the
type to play chess.

The Unborn

Photo by Alicia Petresc on Unsplash

Although you couldn’t see me,
you never questioned that I was
there. Consumed by my future
became your daily care.

The first trimester began
with a bang. All your plans you

You made me so happy,
that first day you kicked in gear —
you resolved to be good and
stay away from the beer.
Not an easy task to do,
since it was during your
relapse I came to you.

My teardrops flowed
as I saw you suffer so,
as your panic attacks
increased and the doctor
said your pills had to go.

As if that…

You’re not kids anymore.

Photo by Oliver Paaske on Unsplash

Not a child but grown,
somehow you still throw

You have carried these
in pouches and sacks,
hidden from view ready
to attack.

Your secret is out.
Your anger has controlled
your every thought.

Anger and hate have kept
you lost, circling like a
rat in a maze.

Empty your pockets out.
Show the world there is
more to you, more that
your about.

For every stone that you
pitch in the ditch, think
of an act of love. A new
feeling within.

This change is slow and
not easy. At times you
may even feel queasy.

Delight in…

The power of mental force

Painting by Author, Rita Duponty

Most of us have heard the term, “he or she has lost their mind.” Obviously, not the physical brain itself, but control of their thought process. You do not need to fall into this extreme example to admit that from time to time your own thought process seems faulty.

You are your mind. Your actions, desires, decisions, and everything you do stems from your mind within the physical structure of your brain.

For years scientists focused on the physical aspects of the brain. However, not that many decades ago, studies revealed that your brain is much more than a mass…

What do you say?

Photo by Gabriel Garcia Marengo on Unsplash

When your day’s boil
comes to a simmer, and
your lights and vitality
grow dimmer, what will
you say at the end of
your day?

Will you bemoan the
fruitless calls you made
on the phone?

Will you look at your
money and lament
because you’re in

Or, will you gladly say
at the end of your day…

“Thank you Lord,” I have
what I need. Your words
are my sustaining feed.

I encouraged one person
in my journey along the

I laughed until I cried.
Silliness took over as
I felt an ache in my side.


Are you passing life by? Or, is life passing you by?

Photo by Mohamed Elsayed on Unsplash

Walk don’t run…
Utterances voiced for
centuries by mothers
to their daughters and

Somewhere between
toddler, puberty, and
teens you started to run.
Your race for life had

Many years have passed.
No doubt you are still
running fast.

Walk don’t run.

Perhaps you missed
the miracles of yesterday
and today while your
senses were somewhere
else far away.

Did you fail to see
the chipmunk and
squirrel climbing the
tree? Or, were you
caught up in your
own hot breeze?

Did you not have
time to say a gentle
“goodnight” to those
you love while you
ran away out of

Rita Duponty

Author (amazon.com/author/ritaduponty). Join me at Tidbits for Healthy Living, The Every Day Life of the Unemployed, and at pinterest.com/ritaduponty.

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